Citizen E (noun  ˈsi-tə-zən ē'): a citizen entrepreneur, citizen ecologist, & citizen example who is taking responsibility for a corner of their world.


We are proud to announce the winner & Runners Up for our 2018 Search for Citizen E 

With your help, we searched the U.S. looking for a Citizen E that could use a $10,000 grant--and runners up with $1000 and $500 micro-grants--to develop, implement and/or complete their bold idea for a transformative community project. We found amazing individuals who are taking responsibility for a corner of their world & rallying friends, family, and fellow citizens to help them make their community--and the world--a better place.  Learn more below & find ways to support their work (for our press release, visit here). Hopefully, their work inspires you to be the next Citizen E.

meet Our 2018 Citizen E & 
$10,000 grant award winner


Brontë Velez

Brontë Velez is our 2018 Citizen E and recipient of the $10,000 Citizen E grant for her work turning guns into shovels to plant trees in Atlanta to help communities heal, restore the environment, and end gun violence. Along with her partners, Brontë will commemorate the 50th anniversary of Dr. King's assassination via a series of events in Atlanta starting on April 4, 2018 (the day he was shot in Memphis) through April 9, 2018 (the day of his burial in Atlanta). They will plant 50 trees at various locations in Atlanta--the first location is where Brontë lost a friend tragically to gun violence. To learn more about Bronte, her project, and to support her work, please visit: You can also view a short Upworthy video on her project here.

Meet our amazing 2018 Citizen E runners up

Each of our runners up received $500 to $1000 for their community project


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