Citizen E (n): a person who takes responsibility for a corner of their world.

On November 5, Matt Petersen launched Citizen E on his 50th birthday and recognized four Citizen E's that night. Each finalist presented their project--Sean Malinowski/Casa Tienda, Sean Mickey/Growing Roots of Wisdom, Maggie Darett-Quiroz/Glassell Park Community Garden, & Jorge Madrid/Eastside Sol--and the guests in attendance voted for their Citizen E. Each finalist received at least $500 for their project, and the winner Sean Malinowski (and Casa Tienda's first partner, Aqeela Sherrils and 3 World Cafe) received a $2,000 grant.

What is a Citizen E?

What is Citizen E? A Citizen E is an individual who has a crazy idea--however big or small--to take responsibility for a corner of their world. A Citizen E loves their family--humanity--and loves their home--their community, and planet Earth.  A Citizen E is a citizen entrepreneur--as well as a citizen ecologist, citizen educator, and a citizen example who is taking a risk to lead this citizen experiment--to take action in their community while connecting to the bigger issues in the world (e.g., climate change, gender inequality, access to healthy food, and other critical challenges of our time).

What does the organization Citizen E do?

Citizen E is calling upon and searches for individuals who take responsibility for a corner of their world. Citizen E provides recognition and small grants to support a Citizen E's projects. Citizen E does not support programs, projects or initiatives of existing nonprofits. However, a Citizen E can partner with a nonprofit, church, or community organization.

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