• Individuals and their project are eligible to be considered as a Citizen E.
  • Existing nonprofits or nonprofit programs are not eligible. A Citizen E may have a community, nonprofit, church or other partner(s).
  • Winning projects must be completed and the grant award must be expended within twelve months.
  • New project ideas that need seed funds, projects that need completion funds, or ongoing projects that need continuation funds or succession support are all eligible for submission.
  • Previous applicants and winners may reapply.
  • Content and material provided in the nomination and/or finalist submissions are granted for use by the Citizen E organization on-line or in other materials.
  • Finalist Citizen E nominations and their projects will be featured on this site and public voting and follow the general guidelines:
    1. Finalist selection:  Nominations will be reviewed and evaluated, 5 or more finalists will be selected, and additional information requested for the finalist round. 
    2. Public vote: The finalists will be posted on CitizenE.org for public voting. Voting results will inform the final jury vote.
    3. Jury vote: Finalist projects will be reviewed by a panel of judges, and determine the final grants awarded to finalists.
  • There will be at least 5 Citizen E finalists, possibly more, depending on the submissions and funding needs.
  • Applications will be selected using the following criteria: impact  and associated goal and metrics, overall quality of submission, creativity and innovation, feasibility, and collaborative spirit.
  • Rules maybe clarified or updated at any time, and additional guidelines maybe provided for each search or search phase (e.g., finalist round).
  • (COMING) In order to vote, participants must register for a free account and sign in. Use either social sign-in via Facebook or Google or an email account to register. Users will be emailed a link to click in order to validate the address.